Use graphics and images

images draw attention

problogtips images draw attention

Didn’t this image draw your attention?
Thats exactly why you should use them! Try to include as much graphical content in your content as possible. There are some rules tough, try to get images with colors that match your current theme. Also, never use blinking images or images with very intense colors as these scare people away, rather from drawing their attention. If you are not quite an graphics artist you could search for related images on the internet! The image will draw attention and interest upon visitors. Which will be more likely to read your content, resulting in more conversions, revenue and subscriptions in return! A big part of blog promotion is done trough graphics and layout. If you get your layout right you will be one step ahead of any other blogger!


displaying ordered outlined text

It’s important to provide an easy to read and outlined piece of text. You might wonder how to outline your text? well we will need to use some HTML to do this. When you are creating new blog content ( writing a new post ) disclose all text between paragraph tags, you can add style to your paragraphs this way, anything from font-size to font-color! To outline we will asign the text-align atrribute and tell it to justify the enclosed content, or to outline all text to reach to one specific width:

<p style=”text-align:justify;”>¬† your post here¬† </p>

Text that is not outlined looks like this, the text runs to the end of the content box but it depends on the last typed word when a new line is started, this is harder to read and also less convincing text! Not at all wat we want. If you want to convert visitors to subscribers or customers. delivering outlined content is very important.