Blog promotion video marketing

Ever thought about Youtube or other video sites as traffic source for your blog? I did! and guess what, it was a big success from beginning to the end. People are always searching for information, if you could create a video that covers a topic or keyword you blog about, it’s great to get good quality traffic. As example I created a video that shows how to create a free web site with wordpress software installed on it. Which is perfectly to promote my blogging tips blog on! Video editing and creation is something you can learn fast, some recomended programs are Camtasia studio as desktop recording software and Sony Vegas as video editing software. Here’s the video I created to promote my blog and website!

Remember to keep your video’s short and tag it properly, people tend to love 5 minute how-to video’s a lot. If your niche does not allow to create how-to video’s you can always try to create a promotional video with some smart quotes and keywords that determine what your blog is about.


Promoting your blog trough social bookmarking

I’m sure you have heard of Stumbleupon, or digg before. These social bookmarking and promotion sites are the new generation search engines based on people’s interests. A lot of traffic could be pulled to your blog from these social bookmarking sites.
Great, but how do I get people to bookmark my blog?
Ofcourse you need good content, you could visit web master forums and ask for a social bookmarking exchange. But this takes an awful lot of time. I recently discovered something new, Automated social bookmark submissions! Yep. certain people have made scripts that automatically submit your link to a wide range of social bookmarking sites. this will boost your backlinks, SEO and traffic, blogging sites usually do very good in social communities, so it’s a must! Check out this social bookmark submission tool! be sure to provide good tags, description, title and keywords for your blog uppon using these services.

Social Bookmark submitter site.
If you do a quick google for automated bookmark submission you will find more of these very, very, useful sites