Youtube videos as visitor source!

I found a great article about using youtube to create traffic streams to your blogs and websites! Youtube is a powerfull media tool accessed my millions and millions of people each day and it works to promote your own content on it using videos.
Youtube video marketing article


Blog promotion video marketing

Ever thought about Youtube or other video sites as traffic source for your blog? I did! and guess what, it was a big success from beginning to the end. People are always searching for information, if you could create a video that covers a topic or keyword you blog about, it’s great to get good quality traffic. As example I created a video that shows how to create a free web site with wordpress software installed on it. Which is perfectly to promote my blogging tips blog on! Video editing and creation is something you can learn fast, some recomended programs are Camtasia studio as desktop recording software and Sony Vegas as video editing software. Here’s the video I created to promote my blog and website!

Remember to keep your video’s short and tag it properly, people tend to love 5 minute how-to video’s a lot. If your niche does not allow to create how-to video’s you can always try to create a promotional video with some smart quotes and keywords that determine what your blog is about.

Provide unique content in an unsaturated niche

It’s important to provide unique content. If possible also try to blog for an unsaturated niche. You could use google to search for saturated niches. Web hosting for example is a very saturated niche, there are countless blogs and websites about web hosting so It’s recommended you do not put any effort into blogging about it. The more websites and blogs that rank for a certain keyword the harder it will be for you to get traffic. It’s all about being creative! copying work is not done, taking pieces from other people’s work and rewriting it however, is a good way to provide unique and valuable content. I understand that this blog itself will be very hard to promote, since there are thousands of sites that give blogging tips. I’m trying to give a lot of unique content. I’m sure it will work out sooner or later!

Creating a suitable blog sphere

There’s more to creating a professional, convincing blog than you might think. From beginning to the end you should be thinking over every descision you make. It all starts with picking a decent, convincable link for your new blog. When you are going to register a blog name on a free blogging service like wordpress or blogger, obvious and good url names might be taken, you could still install blogging software on a free webhosting service to get your favorite keywords in your url. But that will be another tutorial soon to be seen here. After you have chosen a decent keyword rich url name the next step is to choose a suitable theme or layout for your blog. Try to customize the template you pick as much as you can, but keep in mind it needs to keep looking good. For this blog I chose a blue theme with straight lines to convince you of my valid knowledge. problogtips with a tight professional blue convincing theme, and tips on becoming a blogging guru! to keep people reading you will need to get their attention straight away. Here goes the basic blogging tips!

  1. Pick a suitable color theme for your new blog.
  2. Customize your template as much as you can.
  3. HTML can be used to further improve your blog.
  4. Pick a keyword rich name for your blog.
  5. Provide interested unique content.
  6. Always pick keyword rich title tags and content tagging.
  7. Provide a content rich blog, empty space should not frequently appear on your blog!

Well thats it for the first tips on creating a outstanding profitable blogging page. This was basic introduction to this new blog!