Basic blogging tips for SEO

Picking a good blog url

It is very important you pick a suitable and smart blog url. Try to include atleast one keyword in your blog url! This maximizes your search engine traffic, and quality of those visitors. When you write a blog about internet browsers for example, you should try to get a blogname that has “browsers” in it. “InternetBrowsers” would be the best blogname ofcourse. but most of the time someone has beaten you too it and you will have to pick a less obvious url! Try to keep your name as short as possible!

Example of a Bad url name : earnfastmoneyonline
Example of a good url name : MoneyOnline

Your blogs introduction title

Think of a catchy, keyword rich introduction title! This again maximizes your search engine traffic and quality. Titles are important factors to calculate your rank for a certain keyword on search engines. So don’t pick a title like “Cool browsers”. but rather, “The best browsers and plugins!”.

blog tags and keywords! (very important)

Take a piece of paper and write down the most important keywords and tags for your blog. keep in mind that your blog url and title should also have one of those keywords in them. Upon writing a new blog post take your piece of paper with keywords and try to add them in your post title, and repeat them a couple of times in your posting. Afterwards fill in your tag box with the most usedkeywords in your post You should not add to many tags, about 5 or 6 important ones are far better than 15 tags that are somewhat related. The more times a search engine finds a certain keyword on your blog the more value the search engine will give you for that keyword. in other words… your rise in rank! Make sure you do not create a blog that could be “about anything” if you understand. It is far better to target a couple ofkeywords and write less posts than to write about anything to have your blog filled! Better set up multiple blogs that target related keywords than one blog that targets a big number of keywords.

Remember, content is king

Try to work in keywords in your pages and posts, but do not overdo it, Write a decent article with resources and a rich use of words. I myself have some trouble doing this because English is not my mother language ! Do not make long boring posts. Try to create an interesting smart read that’s also understandable for the less knowing. Explain certain terms you use! Try to make a post of minimum 250 words! And don’t try to overdo it, a 3000 word article is probably not a good idea. You’d be better of splitting it up in multiple posts. so every piece of content gets read… not just “parts” in your posting! When you are promoting something, a smart little link on the bottom of your posting will do just fine and the ones interested will click trough. Exactly what you want!

Advertising on your blog

It’s okay to advertise on your blogging site. Placing your blog full of ads ofcourse, does not work! To get a maximum revenue on a low number of advertisements is a tricky business. First of all you should only place ad’s related to your blog subject. Try to have the advertisements somewhere near the top of the page, if you can try to implement the advertisements into your actual content. A little article and below the article an adsense link unit for example! Open your blog, check where your attention gets focused on the second it’s done loading. That place probably is a good one to place some ads!

Keeping your blog alive

It is important to add new content on a steady rate. New posts you make on your blog notifies search engines of updates on your blog. It will crawl trough your blog again and updates your ranking data again. Remember that consistent traffic is hard to reach if not impossible. Most blog post’s you make start to get visited a while before you wrote them. And that’s why you need to keep fresh content coming! But always remember to stay on topic! Make small keyword based posts. Try to figure out search phrases people might be typing in and work it in your title.
Rememberthat it takes time to get search engine traffic flowing and don’t expect it to keep doing so without putting any more effort in it! Some days a specific post on your blog will get many visits, the other day it might get zero! It’s just the way it goes when you are trying to get to the top. If you do not give up you will one time get there!


Promoting your blog trough social bookmarking

I’m sure you have heard of Stumbleupon, or digg before. These social bookmarking and promotion sites are the new generation search engines based on people’s interests. A lot of traffic could be pulled to your blog from these social bookmarking sites.
Great, but how do I get people to bookmark my blog?
Ofcourse you need good content, you could visit web master forums and ask for a social bookmarking exchange. But this takes an awful lot of time. I recently discovered something new, Automated social bookmark submissions! Yep. certain people have made scripts that automatically submit your link to a wide range of social bookmarking sites. this will boost your backlinks, SEO and traffic, blogging sites usually do very good in social communities, so it’s a must! Check out this social bookmark submission tool! be sure to provide good tags, description, title and keywords for your blog uppon using these services.

Social Bookmark submitter site.
If you do a quick google for automated bookmark submission you will find more of these very, very, useful sites